The GLOBOWAY Concept

Globoway’ s main goal is the efficient organization of passenger transport via taxis and
limousines. It owns a booking platform for taxis and limousines – www.air-port-, which optimizes the booking process for both, customers and drivers and
a platform for tours ……….where the customer can built his own tour. With nowadays
technology and its intelligent adoption to taxi and limousine booking customers, hotels,
airbnb hosts and drivers can profit. This Win-Win is created by utilizing methods and
technologies from the airline industry and can lead to a better route planning and
capacity utilization of taxis and limousines. The driver benefits through higher profits and
revenues. The customer profits through discounts.

With Globoway the passenger gets the complete choice with regards to price, comfort
and flexibility. On the one hand he can choose between taxis and limousines and get the
right choice for each occasion. On the other hand he can pre-book and get access to
discounts or book Taxis ad-hoc and get the known flexibility he used to when booking
taxis. On top of the complete choice Globoway offers approved quality of drivers and
vehicles, which is ensured through a quality monitoring system. The passenger can lean
back and rely on the competence of the driver and cleanliness of the car. The
streamlined booking process via Internet as well as the hassle free e-payment and billing
process complete the Globoway offering.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.




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